“Looking Out” Textile Art Quilt

What a week!. I have finally,finally finished “Looking Out”. This is the quilt that just didn’t want to be made. My machine refused to stitch it..skipped stitches, broken thread, snapped needles! I had another piece on the go at the … Continue reading

Am I a Golf convert?

I have never been into golf, never played a game in my life. My seven year old son however has been obsessed with the game since he was a toddler. ..strange, coming from a completely non-golfing family.

So this year he was finally old enough to go to golf lessons..Oh the joy, the excitement! Every week he has been toddling off to the local golf course and learning how to hit a little white ball into a little hole, and loving every second of it. We even managed to find a child sized golf set at the Op shop in perfect condition, just the right size for him! (my score of the year so far :-))

Well yesterday was the big day, the first time the little tackers were going to be allowed off the practice green and onto the actual golf course. They only managed 3 holes but what a three holes it was. There were some really ordinary hits and some absolute rippers but most of all the kids just had fun, they loved it!

And you know the funny thing?, so did I!….. I get it, it’s not really about hitting a little white ball into a little hole, it’s about the walk, the birds and the beautiful afternoon. Even getting swooped by attack plovers didn’t dampen their spirits or mine. What a glorious way to spend an afternoon.

Yes the hitting of the ball is a vitally important part of it, but it’s not all of it. We are so lucky to live in a country (and an area inside that country) that surrounds us constantly with ever changing beauty.

If you look really carefully there is a beautiful black bird (Cormorant? heron?) sunning itself. There were also white herons, ducks, water birds of all descriptions, little fish in the ponds, what a delight.

The rain held off until the very last minute and then we got drenched running back to the clubhouse but it added to the general feel of the day. Little boys laughing at the sheer fun of being alive and outside in the torrential rain.

Needless to say my little guy is now more obsessed with golf than before..but now I can share and understand his obsession.