Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

This weeks theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is Fleeting moment. It is also a challenge that involves street photography.

Now nothing happens in our street…and I mean Nothing!. It is a quiet residential area in a regional town near the beach. The only noise is the noise of the kids ( mostly mine!!) …oh and the lawnmowers..there always seems to be a lawn that needs mowing. I therefore used this for my photo. This is my son Ben doing what he loves to do..mainly freak me out with hisĀ  scooter antics.

This has a double meaning to me for “fleeting moment”. The obvious, the fleeting moment of his feet being off the ground as he zips past, and then the fleeting moment of his childhood. It won’t be forever that I need to be freaked out by his scooter antics. Next it will be his car antics that I have to worry about!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “Create”. This photo is what my sewing room floor looks like when I am creating! …And this is the neat part!. I tend to just pull everything remotely connected to the project out onto the floor for the duration of the piece. That way I can find everything lol.

It can also lead to surprising inspiration. …..moving a piece of fabric that accidently lands on another piece of fabric can lead you to discover a combination you might not have thought of. I love the randomness of this, and quite often it can lead to a completely different project.