Wow, these are truly amazing!

Canadian Art Junkie

Amanda McCavour’s thread drawings are created on a sewing machine,  sewn into a fabric that then dissolves in water,  leaving just thread.  The intricate, detailed textile work flows from her interest in “the vulnerability of thread,  its ability to unravel, and its strength when it is sewn together.” (Above, detail from Living Room)

During an artist-in-residence program in Dawson City, Yukon,  McCavour  replicated this turn of the century steam pump, left at the side of one of the gold rush city’s main streets.

Installation view,  from exhibition at Lonsdale Gallery

-From Fibre Quarterly

-Untitled figure, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

This piece is based on my old living room in my old apartment. I recreated many of the objects that existed in that space, chairs, side tables and other nick nacks out of thread and hung them from the ceiling so that they were layered on top of one another, mimicking…

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Stiched textile bowls

I made another little bowl last week. This time I stitched some shiny seed beads to the top to add some sparkle. I also made in in a more organised way, instead of random stitching I created small organic circles … Continue reading

I love all of these so much I thought I’d share. .thanks TSL

This Sydney Life

Donna Wilson – you make me smile,
You’re the best ‘knitting designer’ I‘ve seen in a long while.

The humour you put into all your designs,
Makes each one seem like such a whimsical find.

I just love your kooky ‘Bearded Man’,
And ‘Peeping Tom’, I think he was there back when it began.

Your ‘blah blah’ rug just makes me grin,
And now there’s ‘Grace’; she the yang to ‘Meg’s’ yin.

In addition, there’s another bit –
No matter how I try, I just can’t learn to knit!

(Sheepishly brought to you by TSL)

Donna Wilson 'Meg Cushion' (Front)

Originally from Scotland, Donna Wilson’s grandma taught her how to knit and crochet at a young age. She started selling her quirky knitted designs online after completing a sell-out show, along with her degree in mixed media textiles at the Royal College of Art in 2003. All her designs are created to make people smile.

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Love this !. I have a raging Harry Potter fan in the house so I think this is definitely on the to do list.

three blind wives

Many of the projects I do with my kids start with a random inspiration while strolling through the craft store. Alex had recently asked me for a Monster book of Monsters (from the Harry Potter series) so when I ran across a faux book box, I found myself flinging googly eyes and fur fabric into my cart. How hard can it be to make our own? With a bit of trial and error we mastered it.

We developed a couple of levels for building your own Monster Book of Monsters. The O.W.L level can be completed by any crafty kid or adult. Then you have the N.E.W.T level creation for the serious artist. Our N.E.W.T level designer is my oldest daughter Aubrey.

Our initial step was to cut the fabric to the size to fit around the box. Make sure you leave enough to curve around the sides. You can either…

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dishwasher fun

dishwasher fun

Who would have thought that Bicarb works just as well as dishwasher tabs in the dishwasher!.We discovered it this week when we ran out of tabs and the budget didn’t quite stretch to getting new ones! off to Google for an alternative. We have been using bicarb for the last few days and it is a winner..might never buy tabs again :-). We haven’t got to the vinegar in the rinse aid slot yet as our slot is still full of rinse aid. But when it runs out…in goes the vinegar. I’ll let you know how that goes.