A new (for me) technique using freezer paper

I tried something new today. I found this tutorial on Pinterest the other day and thought it looked like a bit of fun. Ihave used other methods of transferring photos before but I have to say this gives pretty good … Continue reading

Wanted: Crafty blogs!

I’ve just added a new page up there.  The Crafty Blogs linky page.  If you have our know of any great crafty blogs or even new little ones that want some exposure,  please add then under the comments so that we can all have a look.  I love reading new crafty blogs …do you?


My first free sewing Tutorial

I have a secret confession to make, I am a closet scrap hoarder..or maybe not such a closet one as my husband would say!!. I have boxes and boxes of fabric scraps, I just can’t bear to waste any of that gorgeous stuff.

So, what to do with it all?.. This is one of the things I make from the cut off edges of quilts… no, I can’t even throw those away!.  These bookmarks are really easy to make, so I thought for my first ever tutorial I would stick with something simple and do a tutorial for these. Basically so that I can get the hang of writing a tutorial and make sure it is easy to follow.  Of course these need not be made with quilt edge scraps, they can be made just with two strips of fabric for the non quilters out there.

The Tutorial can be found here