It’s Tuesday Again

It’s Tuesday again and again I feel that the week has disappeared without anything much being achieved!. The truth is the opposite however. This week has been one of the most productive weeks ever for me business wise…even if I have nothing to show for it… YET. This week has been about preparation and organisation for the future of me and has taken hours and hours of planning ,thinking and staring at computer screens! All will be revealed in the not too distant future. I feel that I am at a cross roads with what I am doing here and with life in general..things are moving and evolving. I am feeling so distracted by it all that not much else is getting done in life…for example washing and housework!!

I therefore haven’t done Tuesday Treasury AGAIN. It just involves too much extra staring at computer screens sometimes!

I did also start a new Art quilt this week but I’m only going to show a sneak peek as it is not finished and at the moment it is in it’s first “ugly” phase. I find that everything goes through at least 2 “ugly” phases. Once you work through it it’s fine..the important thing is not to give up at that point…sometimes easier said than done!

So here it is (well a small part anyway). I don’t know when it will be finished, but I will show you when it is.

In some ways it’s a bit of a representation of my life at the moment..I have to push through this not necessarily ugly phase but possibly difficult and uninteresting¬† phase to get through to what is at the other side…this is not the time to give up.

I also wanted to share a painting recently done by my 10 year old son at school. I think it’s beautiful..but I may be biased ūüôā

I love that he loves art. He named it “Deep Sea Blues” which I also love.


Tuesday Treasury and a little Hibiscus Quilt

This is what I have been working on for the last couple of days. A change from frangipanis for a while. Since I have been on this tropical flower kick,¬† maybe because it is so cold and wintery here at … Continue reading

A new Quilting Challenge …or two

Firstly, sorry that I missed my usual Tuesday Treasury yesterday, I am having a very busy week and just haven’t had a chance to spend the time searching on the computer! The rest of this week is also busy so I may just have to give it a miss this week.

Secondly,I have decided to put myself out there, and give myself a challenge at the same time by entering two quilting competitions. The first is a local one. It is still quite big though and covers a range of mediums. I have a bit more freedom in content with this one so it is probably the easiest.

The second is quite big. It is the 2012 Wool Quilt Prize. The challenge here is to make a quilt with a majority of wool components. I have never really worked with wool before and you can basically use any type of wool, just as long as it is wool. The possibilities are endless!

I am bit nervous but excited at the same time. I thought that by entering, it would make me really think about what I was doing with all this, and be a step towards being serious about making quilts. The challenge for me is making something to a brief, I’ve never been terribly good at that as I tend to make things up as I go along, but I’m excited about the process and already have some plans about what I am going to do.

I think this will be good for me in so many ways, regardless of the outcome. I have never been terribly good at putting myself or my work out there for the world to see and this is my year for doing that, to see what happens.

Both the competitions are a few months away so it is a long process but we’ll see how I go. I’ll keep you updated with my progress. Wish me luck!

Tuesday Treasury: Winter Wearables

As I have mentioned before, it is getting cold in my part of the world..colder than normal in fact!. This weeks Tuesday treasury is therefore about Warm and woolly things to wear. Completely inappropriate for those of you on the other half of the planet, but maybe it can be inspiration for your next winter!.

Sandpit kids (If only I had a little girl!)


Sophia Clothing

Ma Lieb


Blumen Kinder Seattle

Glamour Damaged

Textile Monster

Manifested Dreams

Lucy Mir

Tuesday Treasury.. A Mother’s Love

Sorry about my absence for a few days. It has been one of those funny patches where busy things all happen at the same time.

My Treasury this week is based on the events of the past couple of days. The first was a funeral. A beautiful woman and loving mother lost her battle with cancer after fighting for many years. I cannot describe the intensity of the love in that room.

The very next day we had to attend a vast family gathering of my husband’s family. It was a joint birthday party for both his parents, and all their children and associated families had arrived from overseas. Again the love.

This Treasury is A Mother’s Love as a tribute to both these Mother’s for the love they give their children. It is not all about Mum’s, but also about the type of love we give our children and they give back.

    Type and image

 Honey Boo

The Meek Boutique

Lilas Studio

C Beattie Art

Art Wark

Storytime Studios

Sweet Bohemian Life

Tuesday Treasury: Lions and Elephants

I have been asked by a family member to make a Lion and an Elephant softie as gifts for some smaller family members, so I have been doing a bit of research on lions and elephants. I found so many gorgeous ones that I thought that Lions and Elephants would be the topic for this weeks Tuesday Treasury.

Boy Elephant by Jessica Tirona

Edmund Elephant by Rabbits Moon

Wool Elephant by Viola Studio

Ira the Elephant by hybernate

Lucky Elephant by Gracinhas

Lizzie the Giggly Lion by Hybernate

Amigurami Lion by Just Add Awesome

Lion Sewing Pattern by Dolls and Daydreams

Rory the Lion by Jenny Smith

Lion Plush sewing pattern by Funky Friends Factory

I’ll show you what I come up with for my little niece and nephew when I know what I’ve come up with!. Hopefully they’ll be done by Friday.

Today I am grateful for my beautiful,supportive family.

Tuesday Treasury Pincushions

I recently joined in a Pincushion swap at Clare’s Craftroom. This is my little entry …

The whole process got me thinking about pincushions and what a vital part they are in a crafter’s life. So this Tuesday Treasury pays homage to the humble pincushion.

Gorgeous Blue bird from Fiber CoOp

Embroidered beauty from Coyote Craft

Bright and from from Primgrl1

Beautifully stitched from Rainbow Felt

Beautiful snail from Unfamiliar Art

Peacock by Spincushions

Sweet and Simple from Plushka

Swallow from Corydora

Bright and happy from Pepper In

Lovely simplicity from Nstar studio

Tuesday Treasury on Wednesday.. Mother’s Day treasures

As Mothers Day is just around the corner yet again, I thought it would be an appropriate topic for this weeks treasury. Ans as I am a Mother, so it’s all about me, me, me, I’m going to choose what I would like for Mother’s Day!… as well as my children’s beautiful creations of course!!

Quote mug from Zinnia Pea

Apple pincushion from LaLa Kids

Gorgeous vintage chenille quilt from Cuddly Comforts

Pretty bird family from Chiky

Lovely card from Fluid Ink Letterpress

Ceramic Bowls from Prince Design UK

Funny Card from Seas and Peas

Three tier cake plate from Botanical Gems

Bright upcycled bag from Meg Expressions

Another bag..cause a girl can never have too many!.

This one is from Kiwi Canta

Of course I really could go on forever, because MUM’s ( and dad’s) deserve everything good in the world.

Tuesday Treasury 2. It’s all about the boys….handmade goodies for baby boys

In honour of the birth of my new little nephew, this Tuesday Treasury is all about cool things for baby boys. A topic close to my own heart as I have three of the little monsters gorgeous creatures.


Gorgeous fish shoes from Quinnlee’s Boutique

Monster booties from Hand Knit Hugs

Superb lion outfit from Bumble bee Knees

Photographer onesie from last earth

Dino hat from Purple Rose Crochet

Boy night light from By Sage Design

dino wrap by Tida bella monkey

Pudgy bear by Viola Studio

Monster mobile by Drops of Colour Shop

Star wars wall vinyl by dinaamon

(I know this isn’t really baby, but my boys would LOVE this!!)