A fabulous discovery and Stitching texture

I had a thought the other day, so went to seek out my grandmothers old suitcase, buried deep in the back of the garage. In it, as I had thought, I discovered most of the samples I had made during … Continue reading

Textile: Gum leaf with spots

This week I decided to go back to painting on felt. I painted a copy of a drawing I did many years ago, based on a photo I took of a diseased gum leaf. The colours were so beautiful I couldn’t resist. The sad thing was that the leaf was probably going to die from the disease.

I painted the leaf onto wool felt then machine stitched the details then did a series of french knots by hand for the fungus.  It is quilted onto bamboo batting with a quilters cotton border and vintage fabric back

I decided to give it a really simple border as there is a fair bit of detail in the leaf. It is hard to see from the pictures but I have quilted the border in leaf shapes reminiscent of the large leaf.


Or maybe it goes this way?

A stitched Blue Bowl

Leading on from my last quilt..in which I pulled out all sorts of very old things to use, I decided yesterday to finally …and I mean FINALLY, use the water soluble fabric that I bought close to 20 years ago!!. … Continue reading

In the Beginning

Since this a journey through life, I thought that I should start right at the very beginning, my first experiences with stitching. This little sampler with it’s sweet little house was my very first, I stitched this at around four years of age and loved every second of it…it did take a while!Image

The other images here were all completed around the ages of 6 – 8 when I was well and truly involved with stitching. I was part of a weekly stitching group so many more pieces were made, sadly lost over the aeons of time that has passed since then!ImageImage

Yes, I know there are dirty marks and signs of lack of care, but these pieces were used for a while, washed and loved..and then popped in a box for many years.

I am now bringing them back out into the light and may well use them in a creation some day soon. Just need to decide the perfect thing to keep them safe so that I still have them when I’m 80.

This bottom set was a Mother’s Day gift for my mum, made when I was about 8…yes, showing my age there, I think you can tell what decade we are talking about here!…. At some point it was obviously put in the wash with something red, so now has a lovely pinkish hue!…I don’t even know who crocheted the edges for me..it wasn’t me, I have never seemed to master crochet!. I may make a new Mother’s Day gift out of them now!

So that was the beginning. The middle has been filled with many years of happy creating..not always in stitches. I did do a stint with power tools and wood and rusty metal !! But now my new journey begins……I hope you’ll share it with me.Image