Tuesday Treasury and a little Hibiscus Quilt

This is what I have been working on for the last couple of days. A change from frangipanis for a while. Since I have been on this tropical flower kick,  maybe because it is so cold and wintery here at … Continue reading

Tuesday Treasury: Winter Wearables

As I have mentioned before, it is getting cold in my part of the world..colder than normal in fact!. This weeks Tuesday treasury is therefore about Warm and woolly things to wear. Completely inappropriate for those of you on the other half of the planet, but maybe it can be inspiration for your next winter!.

Sandpit kids (If only I had a little girl!)


Sophia Clothing

Ma Lieb


Blumen Kinder Seattle

Glamour Damaged

Textile Monster

Manifested Dreams

Lucy Mir

Tuesday Treasury.. A Mother’s Love

Sorry about my absence for a few days. It has been one of those funny patches where busy things all happen at the same time.

My Treasury this week is based on the events of the past couple of days. The first was a funeral. A beautiful woman and loving mother lost her battle with cancer after fighting for many years. I cannot describe the intensity of the love in that room.

The very next day we had to attend a vast family gathering of my husband’s family. It was a joint birthday party for both his parents, and all their children and associated families had arrived from overseas. Again the love.

This Treasury is A Mother’s Love as a tribute to both these Mother’s for the love they give their children. It is not all about Mum’s, but also about the type of love we give our children and they give back.

    Type and image

 Honey Boo

The Meek Boutique

Lilas Studio

C Beattie Art

Art Wark

Storytime Studios

Sweet Bohemian Life

Tuesday Treasury: Lions and Elephants

I have been asked by a family member to make a Lion and an Elephant softie as gifts for some smaller family members, so I have been doing a bit of research on lions and elephants. I found so many gorgeous ones that I thought that Lions and Elephants would be the topic for this weeks Tuesday Treasury.

Boy Elephant by Jessica Tirona

Edmund Elephant by Rabbits Moon

Wool Elephant by Viola Studio

Ira the Elephant by hybernate

Lucky Elephant by Gracinhas

Lizzie the Giggly Lion by Hybernate

Amigurami Lion by Just Add Awesome

Lion Sewing Pattern by Dolls and Daydreams

Rory the Lion by Jenny Smith

Lion Plush sewing pattern by Funky Friends Factory

I’ll show you what I come up with for my little niece and nephew when I know what I’ve come up with!. Hopefully they’ll be done by Friday.

Today I am grateful for my beautiful,supportive family.

More about sewing clutches… and a small surprise

So my days have been filled with clutches!. I have finally listed a couple..even though they are not really clutches but there you go. They are these three …. if you click on them you’ll see more…



The rest of them will be sent next week to Handmade Heaven….although I do have some still to be finished that will be listed this week sometime.

I have also been making a special surprise for my brand new nephew… yay, I’m an auntie again. I can’t show you what I’ve done yet, but all will be revealed when the little fella receives his parcel. There will be a few pressies in there :-). I think I will be making more of this item though so look out for it in my stores….when you know what it is that is!!



I thought I’d share my other favourite thing to make. I make cloth books from anything I can find that provides texture or visual interest. My little boys loved these when they were little, they grow with the child as the toddler can use them as an eye spy book. they are time consuming but so easy to make, they need not be as complex as this one.  Why not give it a go for your bub? You simply design three double sided rectangles the size you want, then stitch them together down the centre. You can custom design your pictures to suit what is relevent to them. I have more in my etsy shop if you want to see more ideas.