I am a creator, I find the beauty in the old and give it new life. I am on a journey to find out where this will take me, there is always more to do, more stitches to make..more to create, one stitch at a time.  I love beautiful things, that is all.
When I am not stitching to my hearts content I am busy raising three little boys.. who also love stitching. ..and generally muddling along through life in the simplest way possible.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Rebecca, I came across the feature on you in the 2016 Art Quilting Studio magazine, and was happy to see there are other artists doing work similar to mine. I too am a landscape quilter ( however, I call them tapestries, since they are clearly not quilts) and use many varied fabrics. I am currently (as in right this minute!) trying to threadpaint on a piece and am struggling with weak threads. Do you have any recommendations for thread that can go through the layers of both cottons, batting and upholstery fabric? I just buy the stuff offered at the local craft stores–Melitta, Coats and Clark, etc. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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