Art Quilt: The power Of Red

This Art Quilt didn’t flow quite as easily as most of the others. It put up a bit of a fight!. I had a specific idea in mind as it is for a specific event, and it just didn’t want to conform to the image in my head!. I has come out just as it has meant to be instead.

It started out in the normal way, with layers of fabric, the one difference being that most of these were differing shades of red, with just a few touches of yellow.

The Power Of Red Early

I finished stitching it and it just didn’t sing to me so I decided on a border, after many suggestions thanks to my facebook friends, I decided to go with my initial gut feeling and stick with black. I also hated the way I had done the sun, it had turned out egg shaped and couldn’t be reversed. The solution was to (rather nervously) chop the top off it. Some of you may think “Nooo!!, why did she do that!”, but it is done now and I kinda like it. It puts more focus on the sea.

Here it is finally finished. ( I think I might fix the binding in the top right corner.. not straight now that I look at the pictures, and it’s bugging me!)

Textile Art Quilt: The Power of Red

The Power of Red 35.5 x 31 cm (14 x 12 in) 2013

Textile Art Quilt: The Power of Red

Textile Art Quilt: The Power of Red


6 thoughts on “Art Quilt: The power Of Red

  1. Oh my goodness!!! This is incredibly beautiful! Red does have a power, such a hot color…it is my favorite! Your workmanship is lovely and I do agree that the border’s right upper area needs some help, you will be happier. I have been following your blog for just a short time at it seems that you are growing artistically at a great speed! Good for you! Keep up the work and thank you for sharing…

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