New Driftwood Art Quilt:. Seagull Dreaming

Ok, I confess..I think I am getting a slight seagull fetish!. There is just something about the simplicity of the white, black and orange that I love. I also can’t seem to stay away from sea images.. maybe it’s just what I am meant to do.  I have wanted to do kore driftwood framed pieces for a while but have been caught up doing other things. Today was the day to finally do it.


I love the shadows created by the beautiful driftwood at the top, it adds to the piece I think. It really is an amazing piece of driftwood, so smooth and shiny with incredible patterning.



My little seagull friend, dreaming of the fish out there, yet to be caught. …. Or maybe watching someone with hot chips and hoping for a snack!.

This piece is made from layers of different fabrics, free motion thread painted. It is quilted onto cotton batting with a cotton back. The textile part  measures  16 x 22.5 cm (6.5 x 9 in)


One thought on “New Driftwood Art Quilt:. Seagull Dreaming

  1. I just love the beach scenes with seagulls. I am a quilter and would love to learn to do things like this. I have a friend that loves horses and her favorite horse was white and they used to ride on the beach a lot when she was young. The horse died and she has missed her so much. I have searched for printed white horses and even thought of a photo, I never found the right printed one. It just did not look right, and I do not like the feel of printed photos. Could you give me any direction of where to look for classes for beginners with this type of quilt art. All of the pictures I see on your blog are beautiful

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