Art Quilt: “Landscape in Blues”

I stitched this Art Quilt ages ago, I didn’t like it so shoved it on a shelf and promptly forgot about memory is hazy at the best of times! Yesterday I was pulling out some old stock that had just been sold and look what I found. I decided to finish it off, it just needed trimming and binding.

landscape in blues“Landscape in Blues” 31 x 45 cm (12 x17.74 in)

This is called “Landscape in Blues” for a few reasons. Firstly and most obviously it is in landscape formation and uses a lot of blues!. Secondly it seems to be musical to me, I don’t know why but it suggests sheet music, but maybe in a Bluesy style, it seems a little sad to me, (I know, maybe it’s just in my head!)… as well as the fact that is a stylized landscape.

The background is made from a variety of upcycled denim.. i.e old jeans. The Landscape is made from a range of fabrics randomly pieced and free motion stitched. I made this when I was first learning free motion, so I just piled a bunch of bits of fabric together and experimented. It was originally one piece that was then cut and reordered.

I used a beautiful variegated thread to zig zag around each section, it gives a little pop of colour here and there. It is hard to see in the photos but the brown thread is actually a lovely metallic bronze and the light blue is “sulky” so has a gorgeous sheen to it. I was experimenting with different threads at the time.

Landscape in Blues



I don’t hate it anymore, it’s funny how the passage of time can change your mind about such things…


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