Quilt Art and Beach Sculpture

We had a glorious morning down at our local beach yesterday. It has been a while since we went as it was severely damaged in a series of storms we recently had. Access to the beach was completely cut as the sand literally just disappeared and left an enormous drop down to the beach.

It has started to come back finally, but is covered with a huge amount of debris. Most of this is mounds of pumice rocks. Each wave brings more and more pumice to the beach. The rest of the debris ( apart from a certain amount of man made detritus.. grrrr  ) is driftwood and long strands of dead dry grasses washed down from the dunes.

Some clever person built this from what they found.




Intricately knotted grasses with a surprise flower


A hidden cubbie……..you can see the pumice lining the beach.


My son made a pumice potion

I have used driftwood in my work before, but was motivated to do so again by the huge amounts found on the beach. Here is what I came up with. These are both miniatures.

Textile Art Quilt "Drifting"

Textile Art Quilt with Driftwood “frame” . “Drifting”  16 x 19.5 cm ( 6.25 x 7.75 in)

Textile Art Quilt

Textile Art Quilt “Beach wood” 17 x 18.5 cm (6.25 x 7.25 in)


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