Art Quilt: “Fishing at the River Mouth”

I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. The mouth of the Noosa River, where it meets the sea is a jumble of pristine sand bars, a haven for various water birds as well as a great spot to pull up your kayak.

Last week we were visiting friends who live right on the Noosa River, and looking out from their front deck I saw this scene.. well, in multiple parts. This is a combination of three different photos. The pelicans were actually on a different sandbank behind the fisherman and the sea wasn’t obvious in the fisherman’s photo!. It was there though, and did need to be put into this piece, so a little cheat and it’s there.




Made from a range of fabrics in collage and raw edge applique, thread Painted.  58 x 49 cm (23 x 19 in).


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