Art Quilt: Ducks in the Garden

My mum has a special man in her life and his birthday is tomorrow. I decided this year to make him a quilt. He has everything (as most people do) so handmade is always good. I decided to do a part of their garden as that is a subject near and dear to his heart. He spends most of his time out there planning, pruning and rearranging.

Here is “Ducks in the Garden”..named after the ceramic ducks hidden in the bushes. The garden has some very bushy areas with secret pathways, always with little surprises hiding where you least expect it. This pathway is covered with leaf litter and is a haven for lizards and small birds. My boys love it here.

Ducks in the Garden 2013



This one is a little different to my others as it is heavily stitched all over.. all the others have areas that are plain fabric. It feels a little like heavy cardboard with all that stitching!

Here are some photos of the early stages, basic fabrics are layered and the stitching has just begun.




What do you think?

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