Art Quilt:, Rainbow Lorikeets

I am entering particular submission that has to fit the theme of “Flora and Fauna”. I realised that nothing I had really suited this so I had to make something to suit!

Here is Rainbow Lorikeet. These are one of my favourite birds and are in abundance in my area. I took a series of photos of them at our local golf course and this is the result. I am still contemplating adding another bird as I think he needs a friend. I have a few days before I have time to work on it some more so will think on it!. He is sitting in a large grevillea tree enjoying the sweet nectar.

This one is slightly different to my usual pieces as I have used very little layered fabric, this one is done mainly with stitching. There are just a few small scraps to make the tree trunk, the plants at the bottom and the base of the flowers.




One of the photos this is based on, I combined several photos for the final image.



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