Textile Art Quilt: “Noosa River Gazing”

You may remember my prep photos from my last post….. Here it is, all finished.

Textile Art, Noosa River Gazing

Textile Art Quilt “Noosa River Gazing” made in Australia


This is “Noosa River Gazing”. It is based on this photo, taken last year down by the Noosa River, not far from where I live. As you can see it is a pretty ordinary photo, but all I needed to see where the elements that I wanted to capture. This photo was also taken with an app on my phone that distorted the colours slightly..see the sky!. I thought I’d stick to the natural colours for my quilt.


As you can see, I enlarged the seagull and added a friend. They are also facing different directions as I wanted them to be gazing into and out of the scene, rather than across it as the one in the photo is doing.


I also removed the barge. .. I was going to keep it, as another spot of colour but preferred the simplicity of the white boats…there is always a collection of white boats on the far shore of this river!.


“Noosa River Gazing” is made from a wide range of fabrics stitched to cotton batting with a cotton back the birds are stitched to wool felt and appliqued onto the background. It measures 39.5 x 41.5 cm (15.5 x 16.25 in).


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