Onwards and Upwards

You may remember this piece of randomness that I created not long ago. This was created by randomly stitching together a range of fabrics from my scrap box. The red strips are folded red satin.


I decided to unrandomise it somewhat. I cut it all into 8in squares and stitched them back together (randomly). The interesting part of this was that even though it was a very uneven shaped piece of fabric, I managed to cut exactly 16 8″ squares…there were only a couple of tiny slivers left over!.


Here it is all stitched back together and ready to quilt.


Here it is finished. “Onwards and Upwards (Many Paths)” 69 x 67 cm (27 x 26.5 “)



The red satin pieces are set into the seams so that they are actually raised from the surface..creates and interesting texture, as well as making a feature of the “Paths”


One thought on “Onwards and Upwards

  1. Beck, I will definately purchase this one. Many birthdays coming up. Put it away for me please. Also want to view “Joy”.

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