New experiments..

I have been having a load of fun this week, playing around with staining and printing fabrics, fiddling with thread tension and so much more!

I’ll start with my first bit of fun. I decided that I would finally have a go at sun printing. I had heard that you can do it with straight acrylic paints, and don’t need the flash proper paint, so as we are a little cash strapped at the moment I thought I’d give it a go. I started by painting all over my sample fabrics with basic acrylic paints. In some parts I used quite thick paint and others very watered down. I also sprayed some parts with water so that it would create a nice effect of it’s own.

All the bits ready to go. I just used what I had to hand just to see what would work


Painted and drying. The first I have layered with grass and a piece of lace fabric. The paint also soaked nicely into the lace đŸ™‚

drying2 drying1

The bottom ones I covered with leaves and pebbles. Then left to dry in the hot, hot sun..

waiting…. waiting…..




Leaves ..not great but still interesting


Lace..a bit hard to see in the photo but the pattern is really quite pretty, parts are very subtle and others quite strong.


Grass, very subtle but pretty


The large finished piece..unintentional but  looks like a landscape to me..


The back of the leaves piece. I painted them on the pebblecrete out the back..they now have a lovely impression of the pebbles on the fabric…and paint on the pebblecrete!! ooops

So. all in all I think it was a success. whether or not the results would have been better with the real paint I don’t know, but I did get some marking with acrylics. The best sections were where the paint was quite thick, not watered down too much so I’ll work on that in the future. I (and my kids) also had fun waiting for the paint to dry….

I have done more to most of these pieces now but that will have to wait for another day……


What do you think?

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