Art Journals and more

I’m still going through a busy patch with my “bread and Butter” work..nothing wrong with that LOL, definitely not complaining!. It just means I haven’t had time for any Art Quilts lately. I will fill you in on some of the things I Have been making..

I had a big order from a woman fixing up her children’s bedrooms, so I needed to make several runners and name quilts..



Ive also made a bunch of Christmas runners, Stockings and bunting! and a few of these.. (shocking photo sorry)

And this week have finished this ..a custom Art Journal

I have also nearly finished a very girly baby quilt, which I will show you when it’s done.

I have a couple of Art Quilts in my head bursting to come out..may still have to wait a while, all in good time. I am also searching for Competitions to enter in the new year. I have a couple to work towards already 🙂 …


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