A new (for me) technique using freezer paper

I tried something new today. I found this tutorial on Pinterest the other day and thought it looked like a bit of fun. Ihave used other methods of transferring photos before but I have to say this gives pretty good results. I still have to work out just the right amount of water..I think all my efforts today were a little too wet, but I got some interesting results because of it. I even sprayed this one with extra water after transfer to add to the ink seepage.

This is the piece I made. I transferred a photo I had taken of Bottlebrush buds then over stitched part of it. It is a bit hard to see in the photo but there are a lot a subtle colour changes in the background due to the water spray speading the ink. It has taken the details out and just turned it into hazy colours. It gives quite a lovely soft texture to the background.

I did a couple of other prints as well that I am going to stitch in a slightly different way..will share when they are done!



3 thoughts on “A new (for me) technique using freezer paper

      • When I learned patchwork… Years ago, we used the paper wrapper from the outside of a ream of photocopier paper for similar things… It was waxed on one side… Don’t think it is any more.

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