“Looking Out” Textile Art Quilt

What a week!. I have finally,finally finished “Looking Out”. This is the quilt that just didn’t want to be made. My machine refused to stitch it..skipped stitches, broken thread, snapped needles! I had another piece on the go at the same time and it worked perfectly on that one!. I also cut into the top,..not badly but still it had to be fixed. Then at the end I melted some of the tulle with the iron!!…it is now an inch narrower than when it started. It all came together in the end though and if I hadn’t told you you’d never know. I’m just glad it’s all over.




It is made from a range of new and upcycled fabric scraps, including, wool felt, tulle, cotton, upholstery fabrics and more. It is free motion quilted onto cotton batting with a cotton back. “Looking Out measures 48.5 x 64 cm (19 x 25.25in) and is based on a photo I took at Peregian Beach, QLD>


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