A new dress for an old doll

This lovely little china doll was one of my special friends when I was a child. I saved her to pass down to my own daughter, but that isn’t going to happen (mum of 3 boys and NO more babies!). I have decided to pass her on to my gorgeous little niece who is about to have a birthday.

Thirty five years or so of playing and storage have wreaked havoc with her dress however so I decided to make her a new one..and a new bonnet. In the true spirit of vintage , I made it from a pretty vintage embroidered cotton hand towel. I had to hand stitch a fair bit of it so unfortunately it is not removable ..that just got a bit too fiddly to do.



I even made a little nappy to go under. Her body and socks are still age stained but I think that adds to the character.


I hope my niece will love her as much as I did.I have to say it is a little sad now to say goodbye to her, she looks so pretty in her new dress.


3 thoughts on “A new dress for an old doll

  1. I have an old composition doll (she belonged to my mother) that I’ve been meaning to make a dress for. I’ve been meaning to for a long time…perhaps I should stop procrastinating. Your’s is beautiful! I’ve been researching to try and find out what my doll was originally dressed in, but perhaps it doesn’t matter.

    • I don’t think it matters..The dress this one replaced was one made by my Grandmother as something ( can’t remember what) happened to her original dress. I can’t even remember what it looked like lol. The one my Grandma made ..in the mid “70’s was from very vibrant hot pink “70s floral!!

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