Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge: From Mundane to Meaningful

I did some weeding today and it may just kill me!.

We have a narrow stretch of land down the side of our house, just a small strip between the house and the side fence. It is covered in gravel as supposedly nothing would grow there..wrong! It is a hot bed of weeds. They love it, weed paradise. My son even had a pet weed in there for a while, but that’s another story!.

Anyway, the weeds do tend to get a bit carried away in there and as I don’t like to use any chemical poisons, I have to get in and pull them by hand. I don’t dislike this job , it’s actually quite therapeutic. Some of the weeds are quite beautiful, particularly when they are flowering. Some may even be actual plants that have seeded in there from the bush down the road.

It is a beautiful day and I was thoroughly enjoying the escape of being outside and watching the neatness appear as I worked. …. until I noticed the bright orange mouldy looking fungus on some of the weeds. It was a quite luminous orange with an intricate pattern of black dots through it. We have had a lot of rain lately and I think this may have  encouraged this extremely beautiful but rather toxic looking growth.

I don’t know if I breathed any in or if it matters that it was on my hands. It may be perfectly harmless, but if you don’t hear from me for a while please tell the doctors that I had orange fungus on my weeds!

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