Textile: Tranquil landscape

I am entering a competition at the end of this month. There is an array of themes to choose from but I thought I would go with landscape as I am lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful places.

Here is my Tranquil landscape..I may do some others that are not so tranquil..






The piece is made from a huge range of different fabrics raw edge appliqued to create the landscape. Some of the fabrics included are: tulle, satin, quilters cotton, upcycled upholstery fabrics, chiffon….and the list goes on. Whatever was the right colour and texture for the situation was used. I did a rough drawing onto calico then filled it in with the fabric scraps.

I have used a variety of free motion quilting stitched to create different textures and to accentuate the different textures of the various fabrics.

It is bound with a very dark green cotton hand stitched at the back and is quilted onto bamboo batting. It has blue upcycled cotton on the back. It measures 58.5 x 45.5 cm (23 x 17.5 in).


What do you think?

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