Kites in Paradise: ideas for Art

Today was a day for inspiration. A TV show was being filmed at our local beach and they wanted a bunch of local kids down there flying kites..who were we to say no!. Especially when it’s a kids show, and one of the shows my kids watch!.

The sky was ablaze with colour, and the air was ablaze with sound!. Fifty or so screaming children, running around with kites on a picture perfect afternoon. I of course took a million photos.

Photos for me are all about capturing the memory of the moment, in order to someday transfer some of it into some form of artwork…it’s not actually about the photo. Having said that, I really wanted to share some that I took today. I can see quilt inspiration everywhere.

My boys. I like the simplicity of this..and the one boy running away..he does that!

Escaping out the side

It’s all about the colours!

Colours again

The joy of it!

This one I love, the way the sun shines through the kite, the lamp post, the moon and the dragon!..the moon wasn’t out though!

This one is all about the pattern caused by the sun, fabulous!

So that was our afternoon in the sun. Now we just have to wait till September to see if the boys made it onto the show!


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