My Homage to Purple Art Quilt

Todays experiment was inspired by the book “Create your own free-form Quilts” by Rayna Gillman. I love the freedom and randomness suggested in the book. It tends to be the way I work most of the time anyway, but it is so inspiring to see it written down so beautifully.

I started with sewing together random strips of different purple fabrics. I have a fair few of these as I am indeed obsessed by purple!.

I then randomly cut this stitched together strip and sewed the pieces back together again, adding some extra bits as they didn’t fit neatly back together. I found a small patch of lovely silk with a shocking red and gold stitching in my stash, it the red and purple is fabulous!.  I then added some cotton batting and a vintage backing fabric.,

I quilted the whole thing with narrow stripes. I have always loved this look but have never done it. Before quilting I added a scrap of purple satin and some loose satin threads then covered then with a narrow strip of tulle to hold them down.

In a sudden burst of inspiration I then added a band of cross stitch that I did at least 20 years ago!!! It has been sitting in my box of bits and pieces. waiting for it’s moment in the sun.

After this burst, I pulled out my big box of beads..another thing that hasn’t really been touched for years. I even couched on some rayon yarn that I hand dyed when I was at Textiles college in 1990! This really is a blast from the past for me!. A few patches of beads and some embroidery stitches later and it was done!. I added black bias binding as it really seemed to lift the colours.

I left it in the uneven shape as I liked the way it had formed itself into that shape. I didn’t want to force it to be square if it didn’t want to be!. I also left the bit of frayed edge coming of the gorgeous silk at the bottom, just because I liked the way it looked!.

I am really happy with the result..,maybe because I am obsessed with purple!. It also has an Indian/Arabic style that I love, probably because of the dangling mother of pearl beads at the bottom and the gold braid on the silk. The textures are great, I have included  toweling, silk, satin,cotton,canvas and a really fluffy rayon type fabric ..and I do love a lot of texture. I really enjoyed making this piece, I think I might need to do more colours now!.

Finished size 32 x 27 cm (12.5 x 10.5 in)


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