Destruction and Resurrection continued

Well, 24 hours later and “Destruction and Resurrection” has evolved again. I decided it needed a bit more resurrection and a bit less destruction. I started this process with a bit more destruction…cutting parts of it up again!. I then added a sheer patterned chiffon fabric over most of it to create a very subtle pattern and to subdue the colours slightly. Then I grabbed the ever trusty embroidery threads and started stitching. I liked the idea of the vegetation breaking free from the painted areas, venturing out into the desolation, I also wanted to add more colour so I stitched bright flowers and added some patches of seed beads.

The grid represents the way we  (humans) tend to like order, to organise nature and ourselves into little boxes. The two areas  of nature are ungridded, left free.

It may evolve some more over time..definitely no more cutting up! But for now it is (almost) out of my system (I hope)…I still have one more piece from the original cutting that hasn’t been used yet..eeeek!


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