Failures and Scissors

I had a brilliant idea for an artwork last week. It was  based on an amazing photograph taken by my brother Mark Merton Photography. I painted the base fabric as I usually do and then stitched it……and I hated it!! it was horrible.  So I did what any self respecting want-to-be-artist does when this happens and took to it with a pair of large, very sharp scissors!. I then threw it in the corner of my sewing room and forgot about it.

Whilst sewing a completely innocent clutch purse today, I moved some fabric across the floor and there it was..(see my previous post about my sewing room floor and sudden inspiration). The clutch was forgotten as I rediscovered my bits of quilt. The pieces were lying there in a pile looking layered, so I went with it and stitched them all back together again into three separate smaller pieces.

The original photo was an aerial shot of a construction site just out of Sydney. A huge swathe of land had been levelled to make way for some enormous development. The thing that attracted me to it was the little pockets of colour where trees and water still survived, despite the mass destruction around them. It got me thinking about the fact that if we (humans) just walked away from this site, the plants would return, and in time it would be back to how it was before. We have no control over the immense power of nature to reclaim what we take.

I hand stitched the pieces together with red embroidery thread. The red thread is sort of representative of this power… stitching it all back together again after it has been broken by the huge machines.

I generally don’t make political type statements, in fact I tend to try to be as uncontroversial as possible I think. I don’t like making waves. But I guess these pieces are a bit of a statement about the enormous amount of development that is taking place here at the moment. I have called them “Destruction and Resurrection 1, 2 and 3”.  I’m not sure what will happen to them now, but I’m glad I did something with my little pieces of cut up stitched fabric.


One thought on “Failures and Scissors

  1. Very enjoyable post-I love reading about real inspiration and creativity. It doesn’t always come in the way we expect it to. Very cool work!

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