A new Art Quilt

So my quietness for the last few days has been because I have been working on what I am going to do for these competitions. I decided to do a small sample piece to try out some of the materials I will be using.

As the main material needed is wool, I thought I would start with wool felt.  I could only get some wool blend locally, but I thought it would work the same for the sample.

I used the same process as before, drawing then painting onto the felt. This time I used two separate pieces as I will be cutting them out.

They were then layered onto some green felt with some cotton Leaves added.

I thought it needed something else, so I used some upcycled printed tribal cotton as a border.

Ready to stitch

The Finished Product

The felt was actually really nice to work with, it holds the stitches well and doesn’t stretch out of shape. It wasn’t as nice to paint however, it tended to fluff a bit unless the paint was really wet.

The finished measurements are 36 x 47 cm (14 x 18.5 in) and it has cotton batting and a cotton back.

I may still fiddle with this a little more, but it has cemented in my mind what I will do for my big project.now I need to get started .


What do you think?

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