Eye Spy quilted Playmats

As I can’t buy any new fabric or batting at the moment I have been a bit limited to using up what I have…probably a good thing as I do have a HUGE stash that could probably do with being used up. It is mainly smaller pieces now though so I decided this week to make some more scrappy eye spy quilted playmats. I used to make these and haven’t done for a while.

Here are a couple..a couple of old ones and a couple of new ones.

They are designed to be a playmat/tummy time mat for a baby which can then turn into a comforter, eye spy blankie for a toddler. They are quilted onto fleece..again using what I have! A great way to use up scraps as well and so easy to make as they are not bound, just stitched inside out then turned and quilted after turning. A quick and easy project when you are limited to scraps!I think tomorrow will be about making patchwork bibs..again I haven’t done any for a while but it is another great way to use up scraps. Here is a couple of the ones I have made before.

Hmm, not great photos, but this was many years ago, I haven’t made any for ages so I think it may be time to make some again. What are you working on? Are you limited to scraps?…it’s quite a challenge and I am waiting for the day when I can go and buy some gorgeous fabric again..not necessarily new, some gorgeous vintage would be fine as well…that day will come and if not, my birthday is coming up, I’m sure I can convince someone to give me some fabric!


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