Quilted jackets

Last night while I was snuggled up under my quilt watching telly, I thought how nice it would be to have a quilt to wear. The weather has suddenly turned cold here, winter is definitely upon us, so my thoughts turned to quilted jackets. Now these can go either way I think. I had images of gorgeous colours and patterns all wrapped up in a warm garment…..how hard could it be?.

This morning I raced home after all the school requirements and started pulling out fabrics in a state of excitement. This was the first time I told myself to SLOW DOWN. I have never done this before…maybe I should start with a child’s one. I then had to SLOW DOWN again….instead of using my beautiful expensive fabric maybe I should use something that doesn’t matter quite so much…. OK a child’s jacket in upcycled vintage fabric, that I can do. ….

I don’t have any batting at the moment and have to wait till at least next week till I can get some so I decided that it would be quilted onto fleece. It would be snugglier that way anyway. Luckily I had a piece of soft pink fleece that would do the job. I had a rummage through my pattern box and found this vintage pattern yay.

I had to adjust it slightly but it had the basic size and shape so that was all that I needed.

I placed the pattern pieces onto my layered fabric and fleece and cut roughly around them, leaving a fair bit of space around to allow for the shrinkage caused by quilting. It quilted each piece in a free motion flower pattern to match the flowers on the fabric.

Once each piece was quilted I placed the pattern piece back on top and cut it out. This ended up taking some time, even though I only had 5 pieces to do.

This is a finished sleeve piece showing the quilting.

I then sewed the jacket together following the pattern ( although I didn’t really follow the pattern I just made it up!).

Now that I was here, I stagnated a bit. I wanted to bind the edges but as I could only use what I had in my stash, it was a bit of a search to find something to make bias binding from, as I never have any just lying around. I needed a largish bit of fabric so that I could cut it on the bias. Finally I found just the piece, made the binding and stitched it on. I hand stitched it on the inside.

The jacket looked a bit plain so I added some buttons to jazz it up and a large press stud to fasten it at the neck.

Finished….finally!. It did pretty much take me all day.

This was fun to make ..if a bit time consuming. Next time I will be happier cutting into my “good” fabric and maybe making a patchwork of colours, like the one in my head. I would also find just the perfect pattern as this one is an “80’s cropped jacket. I feel a bit more confident making one for me now anyway, so it was a great experiment. Now to figure out what to do with it!


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