Playing with texture

One of the things I love most about quilts is the texture, so today I wanted to do something that was all about texture. The Art quilts I’ve done so far have been full of colour generally so I thought I’d start with a really bland base and go from there, so that the colour doesn’t detract from the texture.

I decided to go with a range of creams and whites, so I stitched a basic patchwork square. My original plan was something very organic, but when I looked at all that cream and white all I saw was doilies!. I decided to make a doily quilt without the doilies..although it did end up with a couple!

Using my trusty water soluble pen I traced some doily patterns on and began to stitch them. Part of my reason for doing this was to increase my FMQ skills…I’m getting way better at this these days…finally!

First one done..sorry about the lousy photo. It didn’t look that bad until I put it on here!

Finished. The texture looks better on an angle!.

The Back..shows the stitching better.

So there it is, my exploration of texture and some more advanced FMQ. …I’d really only done squiggles before so I really wanted to try some different things. Thank you Leah Day for the inspiration and the motivation!. I really do have to take some better photos of this, but it is a dark, wet day out there so it will have to wait.


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