Bloggers Quilting Festival 2012

I have decided to enter my favourite doily quilt into the Bloggers Quilting fest 2012.

This quilt was made by me earlier this year and was essentially a chance for me to escape from the rigidity of everyday sewing. There was no real plan in mind when I started, just a goal.

I made this quilt using a collection of vintage linens and doilies. Each piece was carefully machine stitched onto a base of white cotton then the whole lot was painstakingly hand quilted. I used cotton batting and a patchwork of vintage fabrics for the back.

This quilt was about freedom for me, just making it up as I went along, particularly with the quilting. As I reached each new section, I would just head off into whatever direction that particular piece of linen suggested. The reason I hand quilted it was because I wanted it to be an homage to the artisans that had gone before..those women who had originally hand stitched the linens. I did add some of my own embroidery as well, to add a bit of colour to some of the plainer areas.

I found this process very freeing, and very enjoyable..even if I did lose most of the skin off my fingers!

The other reason I feel a special attachment to this quilt is that some of the linen included in it was passed to me through my mother from my Grandmother. Some of it was stained or torn so could not be used for it’s original purpose. The defects could be easily hidden behind other items in the quilt so I can enjoy looking at the undamaged parts still.

This quilt has started me on a whole new journey in my life. It gave me a new energy for sewing what I wanted to sew, not what I perceived that I should be sewing.


The quilt measures 121 cm (47.5 in) x 96.5cm (38 in)


6 thoughts on “Bloggers Quilting Festival 2012

  1. oh, this is amazing! i have a massive collection of doilies and fancy linens, and i’ve always planned to make at least one quilt out of them, but i don’t think i’d have the patience for the handquilting. what a beautiful quilt! i especially love the variations of colour in the linens themselves, and the different shapes. you should be so proud of yourself!

    • thanks so much, I love the colours too! Who would have thought there were so many variations on a basic cream. I love the way each one interacts and highlights the other. I still have many,many more doilies too!

  2. A very delicate quilt. Sometimes the best quilt does not always start with a plan. Your creativity and your mood will eventually make the quilt. Congratulations on a beautiful quilt.

  3. What a clever way to use all these beautiful pieces of handwork. You have honored the workmanship of others. It is a lovely piece of work. Handquilting was really appropriate for your beautiful creation.
    Regards from Western Canada,

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