My next Art Quilt exploration

I have just finished the next experiment in my Art Quilt explorations. This time I did it slightly different again. I decided to paint straight onto calico then quilt it to see the results.

I no longer have an easel so I had to make do with a small drawing board and a cutting mat with the fabric taped on with packing tape..not pretty but it works!

I did a simple line drawing on the fabric in pencil…

Then painted it. It was a gorgeous day so I painted outside on the back porch. It was only after I had been painting a while when I realised that there were roofers on the house next door and I was out there painting in my daggiest clothes looking like a dork!..Ah well, I soon forgot about them again….

The finished painting

I then layered it with bamboo batting and a piece of vintage fabric for backing.

Ready to stitch

Then I stitched and stitched and came up with this…

I put a simple black binding on it to be kind of reminiscent of a picture frame.. as it is based on a painting. I love these frangipanis, I think they are my favourite. I love the combination of the hot pink and the gold.

I really enjoyed this one, I think it was painting again, as I haven’t done it in several years. I liked being able to combine both the things I enjoy..May have to continue with this!.

Today I am grateful for the beauty in the environment around me..these frangipani trees being one of them.


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