Oh the joy of Bicarb!

I have always been one for using bicarb and vinegar for cleaning, they do a great job on just about anything. This week, confronted with a house inspection I decided to try one job that I hadn’t tried before. …..the dreaded oven!. Secret confession time, I am not a big oven cleaner, it generally only gets done when it has to, usually because we are having an inspection. My excuse is that I just don’t use it that much..I think though it’s really because I just hate cleaning the oven.

Well, I am now a convert! I made a thick paste of bicarb and water, coated the inside of the oven with the paste, left it for a few minutes and wiped it out!. That’s all!! The grease etc just wiped out…OK, there were a couple of bits that I had to hit with the scourer but basically it was a thousand times easier than the oven cleaner that I used to use and I didn’t asphyxiate at the same time. No nasty fumes, no horrid gloves. The extra bonus is that I don’t have to be paranoid about poisoning my kids next time I use the oven as there are no left over toxic bits to cook into the food. Love it. Even the chrome bits came out shining :).

Do you have any other bicarb hints for me?

Today I am grateful for two things..first the fact that I have an oven to clean, and second that I am physically capable of cleaning it.


2 thoughts on “Oh the joy of Bicarb!

  1. I regularly do a bicarb cleanse of the dishwasher!! Just add a heaped tablespoon to the soap dispenser – no other rinse aid etc should be used!! and let the dishwasher do its thing!! Its just as effective as the expensive cleaner and I have even used it with the dishes in when I run out of tablets!! I also use it regualrly as a paste with white vinegar to clean the bath and basins!!

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