Gratitude Challenge

I don’t usually do two posts so close together so sorry for spamming your inbox, but I have been doing some thinking.

Today I am starting my own Gratefulness Challenge. It all started when I was writing down my goals, thinking that I may do a post about goals. I was writing my dreams as affirmations, so they exist already in my world. It got me thinking that to many,many people out there, my current life would be their goal, their dream…and here I am wanting more. I remembered an article I read the other day about gratefulness, and how having gratitude for the things you already have can make you more aware of all you do actually have.

My goal of  “Owning a beautiful house near the sea, filled with beautiful things” is all well and good but I am actually  currently living in a house near the sea. I don’t own it, we are renting it and the furniture is a bit shabby and the beautiful things are my children’s artworks and clay sculptures. But who’s to say that this isn’t already the goal I wanted. It is all that I need if you get my meaning.

Today I am grateful for the fact that I have all the above….. I have a house, I have furniture, I have beautiful things. The end. From now on I will end each post with something that I am grateful for. Please feel free to comment with your own message of gratefulness. I am sure each of us has something.


What do you think?

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