Picmonkey fun

Woohoo, I have just discovered the fun that is PicMonkey!.. Now some of you out there have probably already discovered this fantastic site, but I am a little behind the times, plugging away at Photoshop even though I have really no idea what I am doing on there.

Picmonkey does it all, and so easily!..well maybe not all that Photoshop does, probably not even close…but it does all that I use Photoshop for..and easily!


Here is my original photo:

And here are some I’ve had a play with:







Of course, this is just having a quick play around with it , there is still so much to explore in there!. I love the fact that it is so easy to put text into photos, in many different fonts, love the little additions, like the buttons..there are also all the basics like various speech bubbles, happy faces etc. it also has all the high tech advanced stuuf that I haven’t really had time to go into yet. It’s all very user friendly as well.

The bit I love the most is that it is completely FREE yes FREE and you don’t need to register or anything silly like that, just go there and upload your pictures. Great for jazzing up product shots as well……


I’ll stop sounding like an Ad now..I just get excited about these things!….creeping quietly away…….






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