A new stitched Frangipani Art Quilt

After finishing my painted frangipani the other day, I decided to take my Frangipani stitching one step further and make one from scratch.

I started with a simple line drawing on white fabric, backed it with vintage fabric with bamboo batting in between.

I then added some strips of green, navy blue and an extra white fabric flower. I decided to go with navy rather than black for the shadow areas so that it wouldn’t be quite so intense.

Then I started stitching….and that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing for the last two days!! The whole this is very densely stitched, with around 15 different colours used. This is the end result.

I also decided to actually put my name and date on this one as well as the word frangipani across the side. The words were going to be a bit more profound but I ran out of white edging fabric by the time I’d trimmed it even with the batting and backing!. I have left the sides raw at this stage as I am a bit of a fan of frayed edges..I may change this..I’ll just look at it for a few more days and see if something else suggests itself.

It came out all skewy and crooked but I kinda like that, I like the way the green background is creeping off the edge of the white. I got the same puckering that I got with the painted one but being fabric I gave it a bit of a steam which did help a bit. Now I just have to figure out how to hang it before it goes to my mum for her birthday on Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “A new stitched Frangipani Art Quilt

    • Thanks so much, it’s kind of an ongoing thing to find the perfect birthday present for my mum! I always make her something but this year I wanted to do something different and she has a few of my paintings so I thought it would fit in.. she’ll love it anyway, being my mum!

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