Tuesday Treasury Number one ..Bluebirds

Every Tuesday, I am going to share a treasury of the coolest things I’ve found that week based on a certain theme. As I have a fetish for birds and bluebirds in particular, I thought I’d start this off with Bluebirds.

So here they are, my top 10 Bluebird finds of the week.

    Icy bluebird brooch from Moloco

Wool felt blue bird from GrafoGraphic

Gorgeous bluebird tea towel from Two Girls Laughing

    Ceramic blue bird from Pearles    painting

Blue birds cushion from Word Garden


Sweet little fluffy blue bird from Bubble time


Blue bird messenger bag from Bizzy Lizzy

Sweet bluebird pair from A little bird Shop

Blue bird iPad sleeve from Rustique Cat

Blue bird Rattle from Vintage Chenille


Well I really could could go on for hours with blue birds, There really are so many gorgeous ones out there to add to my collection. I do have to stop somewhere however so there it is. Feel free to add any links in comments if you know of any gorgeous bluebirds out there that need to be seen :-).

There will be another Tuesday Treasury next week, not sure of the theme yet, but I’m sure it will come to me.


One thought on “Tuesday Treasury Number one ..Bluebirds

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