A personal sewing achievement

I had a big personal sewing achievement today! I figured out how to put a zipper in a flap clutch! yay me.. Some of you out there may think ” Oh is that all, I know how to do that” but I only just figured it out, all by myself. I have done zips in pouches and things before, just not something with a flap over the zip. The funny thing is, you do it exactly the same way……just with a flap piece in there as well.

So this is what I’ve been working on today…. in between bike rides and park visits with the little tackers.. I have to fit in sneaky sewing on weekends!

I love the pink vintage flower fabric in this one. I know the flap looks crooked in this picture but it’s not, really….I’ll have to take a better picture. The outer is new variegated denim.

I’m going to do a detachable wrist strap for this one as well, hence the ring on the side…Just have to find the swivel snaps that I bought the other day, they have disappeared into the black hole that is my sewing space.

And the one with the zip..now I have to race out and buy a bunch of zips so I can do more!


This one is denim as well, but I love this bright pink and aqua fabric, it is some really expensive, good quality furnishing type fabric that I got a few metres of from a garage sale for next to nothing….Gotta love a good crafty garage sale 🙂

So I am a little further along on my adventure with clutches, I think I like the style of this one so may just stick with this in a range of fabrics..I have some really cool vintage ones cut out ready to sew. Some lovely luscious velvet in there as well. The boys go back to school on Tuesday so look out sewing machine!


What do you think?

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