It will all happen

So I have had a play around with my tutorial, I was thinking about it last night and decided that it was too squashed on one page, so I have put it on two pages. I think next time I will make the pictures a bit larger as well. I will be doing a few tutorials as I love looking at other people’s so would like to do some of my own.

My Opera House quilt has been put on the back burner a little as I have suddenly received a few largish orders…..always the way, and I am definitely not complaining!, Isn’t that what we are all here for after all. It will happen slowly over time I think.

It will all happen, I just have to keep reminding myself of this!.. I have a million ideas running around in my head and I tend to want to do everything straight away. When I get an idea it has to be done NOW!! . The one thing I need to learn is to look at it as a big picture, it will all happen, just in it’s own time. Right now I have other things to attend to, like small children and actual orders, my grand ideas for other things have to come after these… But for now, Slow down, Breathe and believe.

It will all happen!


What do you think?

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