Vintage goodies

Vintage doily quiltI have a vast collection of vintage doilies and linen, so instead of them sitting in a box, I decided to show some of them the light of day. My first attempt was this quilt. I machine pieced the fabrics and doilies to a backing fabric then hand quilted and embroidered the entire surface. ..Yes, it did take a while!  I also added a little applique bird, as I have a bird fetish and it would’nt be right not to have one on there!

I wanted to showcase the craftsmanship of the original handcrafted pieces, a kind of homage to the original creators, who had painstakingly stitched, crocheted and tatted. More pictures can be seen here.


2 thoughts on “Vintage goodies

  1. This is beautiful. I also have lots of doilies and have been looking for something to do with them. I had though of sewing them on a cardigan but was put off when I studied how delicate they are and how much it would take to secure them on. So kudos to you for sewing a whole quilt! It looks so good, I really should give the doily thing a go.
    I love the fabric on your vintage quilt too!

    • Thanks so much, i have a huge doily collection and it just sits in a box so I finally did something about it!. It is really very easy, I just basted them onto white backing fabric then quilted them onto the batting. It did take a REALLY long time though, and I lost most of the skin off the top of my fingers…but it was worth it in the end 🙂

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