dishwasher fun

dishwasher fun

Who would have thought that Bicarb works just as well as dishwasher tabs in the dishwasher!.We discovered it this week when we ran out of tabs and the budget didn’t quite stretch to getting new ones! off to Google for an alternative. We have been using bicarb for the last few days and it is a winner..might never buy tabs again :-). We haven’t got to the vinegar in the rinse aid slot yet as our slot is still full of rinse aid. But when it runs out…in goes the vinegar. I’ll let you know how that goes.


2 thoughts on “dishwasher fun

  1. We had a smelly carpet that we couldn’t seem to get rid of (smell, not carpet). Sprinkled a whole box of bicarb all over it, waited 5 hours and vacuumed it up. Smell’s all gone.

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