It’s finished!


Well, it is all finished!. sorry about the bad photo,  just a quick one on my phone.  I ended up building a sort of frame for the back so that it would sit flat on the wall.  I then covered it with a handstitched fabric border.


I think it all works quite well.. . at least it sits flat now!  I can now happily give it to mum tomorrow.


Tuesday Treasury 2. It’s all about the boys….handmade goodies for baby boys

In honour of the birth of my new little nephew, this Tuesday Treasury is all about cool things for baby boys. A topic close to my own heart as I have three of the little monsters gorgeous creatures.


Gorgeous fish shoes from Quinnlee’s Boutique

Monster booties from Hand Knit Hugs

Superb lion outfit from Bumble bee Knees

Photographer onesie from last earth

Dino hat from Purple Rose Crochet

Boy night light from By Sage Design

dino wrap by Tida bella monkey

Pudgy bear by Viola Studio

Monster mobile by Drops of Colour Shop

Star wars wall vinyl by dinaamon

(I know this isn’t really baby, but my boys would LOVE this!!)



Free Post special on my Facebook page

This gorgeous blankie is my FREE POST special for this week..

This  Playmat/pram blanket is made from a  Quilters cotton patchwork front and navy polar fleece back with a decorative strip of cotton patches. It has a white bias piping around the edges.

The polar fleece backing helps to insulate baby against a cold floor as well as helping to protect your carpets..polar fleece is moisture repellant so it will keep in any unexpected accidents and prevent it seeping through to the floor. Particularly useful for nappy free time!

62 x 91 cm.

Visit my facebook page to see more.

More about sewing clutches… and a small surprise

So my days have been filled with clutches!. I have finally listed a couple..even though they are not really clutches but there you go. They are these three …. if you click on them you’ll see more…



The rest of them will be sent next week to Handmade Heaven….although I do have some still to be finished that will be listed this week sometime.

I have also been making a special surprise for my brand new nephew… yay, I’m an auntie again. I can’t show you what I’ve done yet, but all will be revealed when the little fella receives his parcel. There will be a few pressies in there :-). I think I will be making more of this item though so look out for it in my stores….when you know what it is that is!!



Poety instead?

I have so much fabric, time to sew and loads of ideas but I just can’t seem to get it together today to do anything! This does happen a bit, does it happen to you?

I have decided to share my favourite poem with you instead.


I am not

that which you think I am.

I  plan






All that anyone does.

I feel





    change – at a pace I cannot control.

Do not make me be

that which I think you think I am

for I am never that.

Learn me       anew

every moment.

Or know me not at all

                                         Lynemore Dover


I first discovered this poem many many years ago when I was in the midst of my turbulent, frenzied early twenties. It resonated with me then and still resonates all these years later, in my not so turbulent 40’s…. well 40!!

Do you have a special poem or phrase, one that has meaning for you?



Love this !. I have a raging Harry Potter fan in the house so I think this is definitely on the to do list.

three blind wives

Many of the projects I do with my kids start with a random inspiration while strolling through the craft store. Alex had recently asked me for a Monster book of Monsters (from the Harry Potter series) so when I ran across a faux book box, I found myself flinging googly eyes and fur fabric into my cart. How hard can it be to make our own? With a bit of trial and error we mastered it.

We developed a couple of levels for building your own Monster Book of Monsters. The O.W.L level can be completed by any crafty kid or adult. Then you have the N.E.W.T level creation for the serious artist. Our N.E.W.T level designer is my oldest daughter Aubrey.

Our initial step was to cut the fabric to the size to fit around the box. Make sure you leave enough to curve around the sides. You can either…

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Tuesday Treasury Number one ..Bluebirds

Every Tuesday, I am going to share a treasury of the coolest things I’ve found that week based on a certain theme. As I have a fetish for birds and bluebirds in particular, I thought I’d start this off with Bluebirds.

So here they are, my top 10 Bluebird finds of the week.

    Icy bluebird brooch from Moloco

Wool felt blue bird from GrafoGraphic

Gorgeous bluebird tea towel from Two Girls Laughing

    Ceramic blue bird from Pearles    painting

Blue birds cushion from Word Garden


Sweet little fluffy blue bird from Bubble time


Blue bird messenger bag from Bizzy Lizzy

Sweet bluebird pair from A little bird Shop

Blue bird iPad sleeve from Rustique Cat

Blue bird Rattle from Vintage Chenille


Well I really could could go on for hours with blue birds, There really are so many gorgeous ones out there to add to my collection. I do have to stop somewhere however so there it is. Feel free to add any links in comments if you know of any gorgeous bluebirds out there that need to be seen :-).

There will be another Tuesday Treasury next week, not sure of the theme yet, but I’m sure it will come to me.